Enable more than one coached workout per day

I’d love to do more than one coached workout per day.
Optionally, make it configurable if additional coached workouts count towards the ‘perfect week’ counter.

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It’s already possible to do a complete Journey in a day :wink:
@Tanith did one of the beginner’s journey in just one day.


And just to add to this-each session does count to the perfect week count :+1:t2:


You can do that by selecting the next day, selecting a session, selecting an activity and pressing start. But that’s not what I had in mind.

I’m not looking for a workaround but for a true option to do multiple coached workouts per day, where then each day has two / multiple :heavy_check_mark: checkmarks instead of one, maybe even with a target time, say 60 minutes for all workouts combined, or target total intensity.

@Ben Thanks for letting me know, didn’t know that.