Excluding an injured muscle from a training plan

Hi, I am new to the freelerics app and I am playing around trying to find a way to exclude a muscle from a training so that the training plan is reformulated excluding exercises that involve that muscle or group of muscles.
I have teared my left leg adductor and I can’t do some legs exercises or activities that involve the explosive use of the adductor. I have a 12 weeks set of eccentric exercises specific for recovering the leg and I am looking to exercise the rest of my body to keep fit in the meantime. Can freeletics do this? Please.

Moin @antoniomarino1988, Freeletics Coach shouldn’t be used in case of injuries. The terms of use are really clear concerning this. Do you have a medical certificate about your injury? As far as I know, you could suspend your subscription as long as you are injured.
There is the possibility of using the Quick Adapt to exclude some muscles - but this is designed for sore muscles not for injuries. So chances are slim but there you still get exercises including the muscles.

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Hi Mela, thank you so much for your answer, I found the ‘quick adapt’ option quite useful, although, as you said, it does not fully exclude some muscle groups but I am happy with it.
Thank you.