Extending Training

Hello Fellow members
I am about to complete Hybrid strength 48 days training. Now I need to extend this same coaching how can I do this so I don’t have to start from scratch and basic again.

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The coach will remember your progress, you won’t have to start at zero again :slight_smile: if you liked the journey you can do it right again

SO if i start that again it will be like journey form where i end ?

it will go the same route again, so for hybrid strenght it’'ll have that assessment week where it may be a little too light or hard and (given you give proper feedback) will continue with the hypertrophy and strenght building etc.
what I experienced is, that the coach will be even harder and more challenging the next journey (but that’s just me). but just give the proper feedback and you should be fine.

Coach has registered & noted all your progress. Journey restart karne par scratch se shuru nahi hogi. Ab coach increased intensity ke sath shuru hoga. Use pata hai ki aapne 20 kg barbell se shuru kiya tha ab 40 kg tak progress kar chuke hain. So next journey mein wo ye sab dhyaan mein rakhte huye hi aage badhega.