Repeating journey?

Hi all, my first post here.

I’m currently mid hell week of my first TJ with Freeletics, Weight- free gains. I joined about 2 months ago and i love it, it suits me so well to train on my own time and i’ve also improved quite a lot in the last 8 weeks. I’ve gained some muscle, lost some fat and sticking to a rigid macro ratio to help.

My question is, can i repeat the same training journey and continue improving? currently i am getting partial god workouts and there are still progressions that i haven’t completed. Will the coach guide me continuosly on the trend upwards knowing what my current fitness level is? Or will I need to constantly adjust the feedback for the first few sessions saying its easy and get the coach to learn from scratch about my level.


Hey @soso16

The coach remember your previous training. When you start the next Traning Journey, the coach adjusts to the previous data. Nevertheless, there is in most cases a start week to better adjust the upcoming trainings.

I am currently in my third journey and the training and move got more and more complex and intensive, so there is definitely a wonderful progress observable.



Thank you H, that is good to know.

Which journey are you on?

I ma doing the hybrid strength journey for the thrid time.

Started with weights like 40kg deadlift. Now i am at 100kg for ten repitions. And the coach targets already this week 112.5kg for 3 repitions. The progress with the app is amazing.