Focus only on some muscles

Hi everyone,

I’m doing a split training created by the App itself. One day it’s lower body+core and the other day is upper body.
I got injured at my knee and I want the App to give me exercises not involving legs (of course) but also exercises while standing.
The ideal would be having the training I do for the upper body day also repeated (with small variations) for the day where originally the lower body training was scheduled. If in fact, I ask the app to remove legs from training, the proposed training has still a lot of exercises involving legs (like plank or other more “quick” whole-body exercises), while I really should avoid over-extension of my leg or any fast exercises more cardio-oriented.
How can I ask the App for this? Instead of excluding muscles, is there a way either to start a new training only for upper body or to continue with the app’s plan but focusing on some muscular group only?


Hey Puglini :wave:t2:

At the moment this isn’t possible in the app.

I’ve messaged you a link to invite you to talk to someone from our Product team. You can use that to set up a select one of the times most suitable for you :+1:t2: