Legs and core training for runners without sprints/runs

I’m a runner and would like to use Freeletics to strengthen running-related muscles, so mostly legs and core. I’ve been using the bodyweight journeys (e.g. Weights-Free Gain) so far but wanted to try out the running specific journeys next (Leg Strength & Sprints).

As I already have my own running schedule and coach, I don’t need Freeletics to suggest runs to me. However, unlike for other journeys there is no option to exclude runs from a running-focused training. Basically what I would like to have is a journey that focuses on bodyweight exercises that strengthen your core and leg muscles, without including runs.

I already reached out to a Freeletics rep and they just confirmed it is not possible to exclude runs from a running focused journey.

Does anybody know of a workaround to have a training journey that focuses on core and leg exercises only without suggesting runs and sprints?

I know that there is a journey called (translated) core, legs, curves but it’s only for women… apart from that, you could use a normal journey and exclude arms and chest all the time.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

You’re right, as a man, I don’t have the particular training journey you recommended. I hope they add something similar in the future for men…

I started a new body weight journey and tried excluding upper body muscle groups but it only lets me exclude 2 muscle groups max (so I can’t exclude bicep, tricep ànd chest, for example). I excluded chest and biceps and seem to be getting Core and Leg focused trainings for now.

It’s a bit of a hassle having to regenerate each individual training day, as you can’t exclude muscle groups per journey, but it’s a good workaround.


Hi @thomas.rigauts, the Freeletics Journeys are designed to build balanced athletes and thus all journeys will focus on the whole body, specifically the body weight journeys.
My suggestion would be to the “explosive strength” or “weight free gain” maybe 3 times a week to have the Coach give you full body training so that you would train legs every time you train with freeletics.


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