Form in kettlebell rows

So I’ve recently started the kettlebell journey (really enjoying it!) and I have a question about the form in the kettlebell rows. I have questions regarding two aspects.

  1. Is it important the kettlebell touches the ground each time you do a rep? The video seems to indicate yes, but that’s not historically how I’ve done rows, and when I’m in a row position I have to twist my body and bend over further to be able to put the kettlebell on the floor - it just doesn’t seem like great form to be putting it down each time.

  2. Can I use a chair to support my row instead of putting my hand on my knee (so with one knee and hand on the chair as in a dumbbell row with a bench)? Doing it the way that’s indicated on the app video basically means I’m continuously in a squat whilst doing the row and I end up tiring out in my quads way before I start to get tired in my arms. I’ve been using a chair so far as that way I actually can focus on strengthening my arms, but I wanted to check this was okay to do.

Hey Alexia :wave:t2: How are things? Where are you with this Journey now?

There are often lots of different ways to complete the same exercise-but we can obviously only show one version in the videos in app, which will be suitable for most Athletes, most of the time. The aim of the Kettlebell touching slightly on the floor after each rep to focus on explosiveness. But if if you don’t feel like this is working for you, or you are used to doing it any other way, you really should feel free to complete the exercise in a way that works best for you.

This is definitely possible :+1:t2: Although you could also be doing a few things “wrong” here: namely, being in too much of a pronounced squatting position and/or, possibly not using a heavy enough weight. If the chair is working for you, and your arms are “feeling” it, then continuing with the chair, if it is enabling you to focus your effort on your arms, is a good idea :+1:t2:


Thank you, that’s really helpful! I thought I was okay doing these things but wanted to double-check.

I’m currently 6 sessions into the kettlebell journey and really enjoying it! Really liking pushing myself with the weights. My only gripe is I wish I could give a bit more feedback - I know I can give feedback on the weight, but I’d like to be able to also give feedback on the rep length/my form. But generally it’s really good!