Kettlebell journey add the bench!


Currently enjoying the kettlebell journey and have noticed that you cannot add a bench in your equipment list. I have however noticed looking through the excercise list in explore that there are kettlebell Bulgarian split squats .

Please can you add the ability to add a bench in the kettlebell journey so that the split squats will be part of my journey ?

I also think it would be great to add the progressions like pull-up and the other complex bodyweight moves to the kettlebell and dumbell journeys.

Thankyou! :grinning:

Hey Chris :wave:t2:

A big warm welcome to the Forum for you :muscle:t2:

So the Coach automatically includes the bench in the Kettlebell TJ (it does this for all of the weights journeys) so it’s not possible to enable it, or in fact deselect it-it is essentially always enabled in these journeys, albeit in the background.

This :point_up:t2: is good feedback, I’ll make sure it’s added to our discussions on the topic :+1:t2:


The dumbell journey requires a bench but a bench is not stated on the kettlebell journey.

Another thought on the kettle bell journey … add more excercises such as single leg deadlifts and one arm swings . Once people get used to their weights , doing moves such as these would provide future challenges rather than just increasing the time of the interval. People don’t have all day to do endless minutes of sumo deadlifts and double arm swings

Hope that makes sense

It’s definitely mandatory :+1:t2: I just checked the Journey description, and indeed this isn’t stated, but it should be.

This :point_up:t2: should only be happening if you don’t have a great variety of weights enabled in your Coach. Access to a wide range of weights is hugely beneficial to the experience here. If the Coach doesn’t have a suitable weight to progress you to, it can only increase the reps or the time in order to increase your total work done in a specific set.


Thanks for clearing that up about the bench hopefully I’ll see it in my journey :+1:t2:

Regarding more challenging moves, yes people can allways go out and buy a heavier kettlebell but I think it would be very beneficial to add these