Fractionated workouts registry

Why freeletics only logs full workouts?
Like this 3/10 Pandora, it was not the first time I did it, and would be interesting to easily compare my older times like I can check with the full workouts.


I have to say that in the past couple of weeks I tried to find a record of my past 1/3, 1/4 etc. god workouts more than once. So +1

People. Need. Access. To. Their. Progression.

Depending on the age of your last 3/10 Pandora workout, it might have changed after the big 4.0 update. Thereby, old PBs became invalid. Also, it might be that you finished it with a star for the first time.

No. Did a 2/4 Poseidon 3 days ago and it does not appear on the history, only the full workouts.
23.35.0 version today.

Also, one thing about this last update, why make the immersive flow mandatory? Why not just keep it under the experimental features?
So many good and important things to improve in the app before rolling up something no one asked for.

why make the immersive flow mandatory? Why not just keep it under the experimental features?

Personally, I think, the immersive flow update is a great one! Before, you had to scroll sidewards to see all exercises which was messy and often lead to unintentional vertical scrolling. Also, you had to scroll down to your coach session after each sub-session which is now gone, too.

Concerning your history issue, I can only guess…

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That’s not true. PBs before the awakening of the new gods in July 2018 are still valid unless the workout has changed (like Venus or Zeus).
And Pandora was awaken in 2020 - two and a half year after the big 4.0 update.

@loaht You can find your fractioned workouts under Profile, swipe to the medal (“besides” the DAS), choose Workouts, Training History - in the left one of the four tabs.
You won’t find them in the second from left under “Workouts”.
As god workouts (although not all workouts are named after a god :joy:) are a kind of benchmark, I personally find it consequent to not have the fractional ones listed there.

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I know I can find them there, but why not make it easier? Having to scroll down until I find it? And then I can only compare with the PB, not other sessions.

C´mon people, make FL (more) user friendly.

Of course, I referred to workouts that have changed. :wink: But thanks for clarifying that Pandora came out later than that. :+1: