Freeletics new app

Is a new version of the app being released? First barbell squat interval, then free body intervals :star_struck:. (Video taken from the Freeletics home page)


That’s the immersive flow layout. You can activate on your profile configuration menu, under the experimental features.

It’s a mock-up (I guess because not all shown changes are available in beta version of app). So I think we have to stay patient.

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It’s probably a hint that the official site is ready for the release of a new big update. I hope to be able to mix barbell and bodyweight workouts soon.

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Ohhhh myyyy that looks amazing! What I’ve dreamt FL to do for the past 3 years haha

Where did you find that?


I found it on the home page of the Freeletics official website in the mobile version :grin:

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Hi there,
This is showing the direction we’re going.
As seen in the GIF, the immersive training flow is being released for Android users and iOS will follow shortly.
We’re also continuing to update the Daily Athlete Score as a priority. New update coming this week