New Gain Muscle training journey that includes both barbell and dumbbells

I recently contacted Freeletics requesting a new training journey that combined both Barbell and Dumbbells. There are two separate Gain Muscle journeys for Barbell and Dumbbells. Now, training exercises such as Deadlifts, squats, bench press using barbell is necessary to increase strength and these exercises are great at building muscle too but other exercises where your main focus in working two separate limbs, it’s easy to use incorrect form which can lead to muscle imbalances. Exercises targeting biceps and triceps can be performed much more efficiently using dumbbells. I believe most people that have access to either dumbbells or a barbell, usually have access to both dumbbells and barbell. The main goal of this training journey will be to get the best of both barbell and dumbbell exercises. Cable machine and other machines should not be included because of the Freeletics philosophy. Emphasis should be on training using basic equipments. The last statement does not contradict my point because Freeletics already offers two separate journeys for barbell and dumbbells.


Hi @sanskrit and welcome to the forum!!
That would be great indeed!
I wrote a similar suggestion here:

it would be great to also have some cardio/barbell/dumbbell intervals mixed in like deadlift/snatch/burpees

Let me know what you think!


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