Freeletics post-op

Just as my freeletics training was going really well I suffered an ACL tear on my left knee and had surgery 4 weeks ago.

Has anyone had any experience in setting up freeletics to avoid a certain part of the body during a journey? Like, for example, I can do upper body workouts but as soon as I try to follow my journey (Hybrid Strength) it just doesn’t work. Cool down and warm ups will always move or put enough weight on the knee that I can’t do it.

Trying to exclude all exercises involving the knee is not only tedious but after clicking on a few of them, I am reminded this will give me a poorer experience.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?


Hi Paulo.

No one is a doctor here, so the first one you should contact is him/her what’s allowed.

Second, hybrid and all weighted journey lacking a proper adjustment (for now).
If you want to proceed with the coach, select another journey and go for bodyweight only and make use of the adapt possibilities.

The other way would be manually selecting workouts from the workout tab. Once you are capable, you can continue your current journey.

Speedy recovery!

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Thanks for the reply.
I didn’t expect certainly a doctors reply here for sure. What I needed and you provided is a suggestion on how to train using freeletics even if my knee can’t do many exercises and there’s a 10 exercise limit to exclude. After your message I noticed that I might be able to cope with a Strength journey and 10 excluded exercises for now.