Freeletics Running Journeys

Freeletics Running Journeys are training plans focused on running to help you achieve your fitness goals. Each program is based on a careful progression of running volume and intensity to keep you advancing. Based on the initial assessment, the Coach will generate a plan according to your previous running experience and current fitness level. To track your runs you need to have a stable GPS signal, or you can manually log your times by clicking the + icon in the top right corner of the screen.

You will encounter three types of running workouts: continuous distance runs, interval runs, and God Workouts. In distance runs, you are asked to cover set distances such as 3km, 5km, or 10km at a comfortable pace. Interval runs are a mix of sprints and rest periods and will be assigned at three different paces: comfortable, moderate, or fast. When challenged with a God Workout, you are expected to run at maximum speed. Throughout each Journey the Coach will assign you less intense sessions on selected periods, to allow your muscles to recover while maintaining your fitness level.

Please note that you will not be assigned a Hell Week for the Freeletics Running Journeys.

If you are not able to run and still want to train, you have the option to replace your session with a bodyweight only workout using the Adapt session feature.

You can choose between four different Journeys depending on whether you want to focus on losing weight or on improving your speed and endurance. You have the option to select a running-only Journey or a combination of running and bodyweight.

Fitness Goal - Get Fit

Run Further (M) (F)

Speed Endurance*** - 42 Sessions*

This Journey is designed to help you run longer distances. Distance runs will help you build your endurance, whereas intervals and God Workouts will build your stamina and speed. This will enable you to run more efficiently and slightly faster at longer distances. Depending on your running experience, you will cover a range of distances that go from 2.5km to 12km.

Leg Strength & Sprints (M) (F)

Speed** Endurance* - 42 Sessions*

This plan is perfect for athletes looking to increase their speed on both short and long distances. You will be facing mostly interval runs and God Workouts. Even though your training will be focused on speed, the Coach will also assign you distance runs to work on your endurance from time to time.

Fitness Goal - Lose Weight

Run and Burn (M) (F)

Speed* Endurance** - 42 Sessions*

The goal of this training plan is to support you in losing weight and burning fat with a mix of sprint intervals and long distance runs. Both distance runs and intervals have been proven effective in weight loss, and combining the two will help you train consistently and reach your goal more efficiently.

HIIT & Run Weight Loss (M) (F)

Cardio** Muscle* - 42 Sessions*

With this Training Journey you can lose weight by combining running and bodyweight workouts. Your bodyweight training sessions will consist of both Intervals and God Workouts focusing on lower body, core, or both. You have the option to add equipment via the Coach preferences. The running sessions will include long distance runs and intervals.

If you have indicated that you have soreness of your back, core, lower leg, and/or upper leg, you will be assigned a bodyweight only workout.