Marathon journey

Hi. What is the best journey to prepare for marathon? Are you going to add one if it is not available?

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Hey @papi welcome to the forum!

I think “run further” would be the most appropriate one:


Hi buddy.
As a marathon runner, running coach and used all running journeys, I can ensure you (sadly) there is no journey available to cover a proper marathon training.

I would like to have it or defining a goal before starting the running journey.
The distances in run further, even set to (50km+) the longest distance I’ve seen was 15k.

I would propose Hybridrunning, as it covers bodyweight (strength training you definitely need) and intervals/„long“ runs.
But definitely add another marathon plan.

Here’s why, you need to get mileage for a marathon and at least long runs covering 2-3 hours. The intervals for that distances are limited. A marathon is „easy“ until you pass the 30km mark. Long runs are essential to keep you going.


Thanks for clarifying @Latarion !

I completely agree, @Latarion

The Run Further journey seems to me to be focused on 10k training, much too short for proper marathon training. For my last marathon, I used the hybrid running journey for all of my speed work and accessory strength training, then added easy, aerobic, runs to get my weekly mileage up. Weekly mileage and long runs will be the focus of any good marathon training plan. For mine, I did 4 days a week of the Freeletics hybrid running journey. On the bodyweight training days, I would add an easy run at the end of the workout, before the cooldown. On the running days, I would do intervals as prescribed (usually trying to hit marathon pace of faster at a minimum), and the distance runs would be threshold runs (trying to run the distance at a set, challenging, pace). Then I would add an easy run every week on 2/3 of my rest days, with one being more of a recovery run and one being a weekly long run, so my weekly schedule looked like this:

Monday: Freeletics Hybrid Running - Bodyweight Training & Easy Run
Tuesday: Freeletics Hybrid Running - Interval Run
Wednesday: Easy Recovery Run (Focus on time spent running, not mileage)
Thursday: Freeletics Hybrid Running - Bodyweight Training & Easy Run
Friday: Freeletics Hybrid Running - Threshold Run
Saturday: Long Run (Slowly build up the weekly long run to about 21 miles 3 weeks before your marathon)
Sunday: Rest (often times active recovery like Yoga, hiking, household chores, etc.)

I hope that helps!


Thank you guys. I’ve got the same feeling. I’ve just finished the Run Further journey and the max distance there was about 17km which is definitely not enough, so I need to combine it with longer easy runs. Maybe admins will notice and add a new journey where it will be possible to define the desired distance :slight_smile: