Run further journey doesn't take my further then 5K

Hi everyone,

I’m at my second journey with Freeletics and wanting to improve my mileage on my runs I’ve selected the Run Further journey.
Now, I’m at session 38 of 42 and I’m still getting no more then 5KM although I read in other posts that 17K should be possible.

What am I doing wrong here? I always change the difficulty level to way harder and give feedback that it was too easy. Do I have to pay particular attention to the settings when starting this journey because if that’s the issue I’m considering doing it again given I’m nearly at the end of the journey.

Or is there something wrong in the AI of the coach?

thanks for the feedback!


Hey Koen :wave:t2:

So this Journey is really designed to bring Athletes up towards a maximum of 12km over a roughly 12 week period (to be more precise, 42 sessions). Of course in any training cycle, it is really only at the very end of a cycle that you start to approach this “peak”.

If I could ask you, if we went out for a run now (assuming we’re well rested and hydrated/fueled), how far could you comfortably go? It’s approaching the 12km distance and beyond, this Training Journey just might not be suitable for you. If it’s between 5-8km, then it is probably very suitable to bring you up to that 12km target.


Not with this specific TJ, but in my experience with other Running Journeys, upon completing a given distance (plain mileage, not Interval), if my feedback was “ok” the following week I got 0.5K increase. I’ve recently reached 10K on the very last run of Hybrid Running.

Have you tried to increase difficulty? That should already increase mileage of the given session.

Yes, I did, but that didn’t result in the steady increase in mileage like you’ve experienced.

I’ve only now reached 5K (at the end of the journey) and I repeatedly indicated to the coach that the trainings were too easy.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your response. Wel 12K was actually the goal that I was trying to reach. When I started I was comfortable at 5K (after completing the HIIT & Run Weight Loss).
When starting the Run Further I wanted to be able to run comfortably 10 - 15K, but the coach threw me back at 2K. I consistenly modified the difficulty level to maximum to increase the mileage and gave feedback after each training session that it was too easy. But still, at the end of the journey my last session will only give me 5.5 km, which was not my goal so I’m a bit frustrated.

I’m considering doing the journey again, but I need to know what I did wrong to avoid the same frustration.

Thanks for your support!

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Hey again Koen :wave:t2:

If you do redo this journey ( I can see you are nearly at the end), you can give a more accurate/up to date answer to the assessment question you get asked re the longest run you have done in the last couple of years.

If you have done some longer distance runs, half/full marathon distance for example please indicate this accurately.

Now, the caveat here is you won’t automatically start to get assigned 8, 10, 12km runs. The Training Journey will bring you back to the start of a training cycle, and will work up to these distances.


I’ve experience the same. I’ve been doing some running training journey and when I start one first of all the app ask me how long since run last time. Which is already weird since I am using the app as a personal trainer and it should know.
But then it starts from 2km or 2,5km.
I’ve had a race in May and up that time my aim was only 5km but even if I was saying is easy after some training at one distance and myself being comfortable the app was not increasing the distance and even in some cases decreasing from 3 km one session to 2,5 nest one…

Well actually, I followed Ben’s advice and restarted the journey and indicated that I’ve ran 15 K in the past 2 years. That immediately started met at 6K which was perfect for me.

Now, I’m curious, how far I’ll get this time.

You are right that a point of improvement would certainly be that the AI “remembers” your previous training experiences and takes them into account in creating new trainings. That would be awesome!