Run further journey (could it have longer runs)

Hi, I’m Altunc from Turkey, I’m with Freeletics Community almost for 4 years, on the recent 2 years I’m trying to add runs to my Freeltics schedule.

on the recent months I’m having 80-120 km running volume per month, for my next journey, I was thinking to start Run Further Journey, but as I see, on this journey there is 12.5 km cap for the longest runs advisable by Freelteics Coach. Could we make this distance upper limit higher like 25-30 km (or more)?

So, this journey could be used for Marathon and Ultra Marathon preparing, could it be possible? what is your suggestion?

Regards and Have a nice day!


any idea ?

Hi @altuncgezerler
12K is indeed the current limit. I forwarded your suggestion to the product team for consideration.
If there are others Athletes sharing the same thought, feel free to comment in that thread.


Yeah +1 on this idea. It would be good to be able to use the Coach to prep for a half or full marathon.