Gain muscle with Freeletics

There are multiple ways one can stimulate muscle growth with Freeletics. You can choose between Bodyweight or Weights Training Journeys:

  • Bodyweight Journeys
    Everyday Strength (M) / Fit & Toned (F)
    Explosive Strength (M) / Slim & Toned (F)
    Weights Free Gain (M) / Natural Tone (F)
  • Weights Journeys
    Dumbbell Strength (M) / Dumbell Tone (F)
    Kettlebell Fundamentals (M) (F)
    Barbell Gain (M) / Barbell Tone (F)
    Hybrid Strength (M) (F)

Both the Bodyweight and the Weights Journeys can help you reach the same goal. You should consider your training background, the type of training you enjoy, how much time you have, and your access to equipment when selecting your Journey.

There are two things two keep in mind when focused on muscle gain:

#1: Aim to get stronger and stimulate muscle growth by challenging the muscles and forcing them to adapt to more repetitions and/or heavier loads. To ensure that you are targeting the correct muscles, you need to focus on executing each exercise with a good technique at all times. This will not only prevent you from injuries, but will also help your progress. Keep in mind that progress becomes visible over time. You may not be able to increase your weights or repetitions for 1 or 2 weeks, however with consistent training you will get stronger.

#2: Make sure to provide your body with enough fuel along with having an appropriate training routine. Quantity and quality of your caloric intake is essential, however special focus should also be put on consuming enough protein, since it is one of the building blocks for muscle mass.

  • If you are already lean, it is normal that you might put on a bit more fat than usual when you are in caloric surplus.
  • If you are overweight and want to get lean while also building muscles, it is important to combine a muscle building resistance program with a better nutritional structure and caloric deficit.

Check out our blog article to learn more about how to feed your muscles.

You should remember that gaining muscle is a long-term fitness goal. Depending on your starting situation, first results can be expected after 2 to 3 months of consistent training and proper nutrition. For more tips on muscle formation we invite you to read this Blog article.