Getting stuck with Freeletics

Guys, it’s been years using this awesome app but somehow I’ve eventually reached the boring plateau. The virtual coach is providing very little to my training. It seems it got stuck. Among tens of exercises, I’m getting pretty much the same ones. Some of em are terribly silly, some others are no sense considering my physical preparation. Don’t see any precise working plan anymore. I.e. it happens that two intervals include the same exercise! And I’m struggling to make it doable by playing with the ‘adapt session’ feature. Meanwhile I’ve switched to Downdog which can be easily adjusted to the user needs in terms of training and intensity. Pretty basic but more comprehensive if compared to Freeletics. I can HIIT the whole body on every workout using dumbbells and elastic bands. My message to Freeletics developers is: enhance the virtual coach with some AI. I liked Freeletics because it killed the routine, now looks like the opposite…

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Hi Nefasto, have you tried adding new equipment to the app? This is what allowed me to significantly expand my exercises with Freeletics in 2023 and get many new exercises. I added dumbbells, elastic bands and a skipping rope but that’s just my example.

I tired Downward dog 4 years ago, and I found it too simple for me.

Hi Sofia,

Yes indeed! The journey that I’ve been practicing since the beginning is ‘weight free gain’ adding dumbbells, bars and kettlebells. Still, the virtual coach doesn’t comply with my expectations. Tons of exercises (with and w/o tools) are left aside. So I’m basically getting the same exercises, same kind of intervals and the best personals are often repeated within two weeks.
I’m really annoyed now… variety is definitely lost. Besides, some intervals do not comply with the basics of training mechanics. No agonist/ antagonist muscle rules for instance. It seems that the intervals come out randomly. Don’t see any logic there…

Hm, do you mean you’re repeating the same journey and haven’t tried others?

Nothing wrong with repeating, and I like ‘Weights free gain’, but why don’t you try other journeys? I personally always try to change. I’ve done 7 journeys and I think 6 of them were different.

I’ve tried 'em all, actually. Imho the best journey that aims to gain muscles through HIIT (besides ‘hardcore’) is 'Weight free gain" with the inclusion of bars, bands, dumbells and kettlebells. The remaining Bodyweight Training Journeys are similar to the former but less engaging. The Freeletics Weights Journeys are too classic. Being a pull-up lover, ‘Weight-free gain’ remains the best choice overall. Hardcore is too intense in terms of duration.

Ah, I see. If you’ve tried other journeys, I am not sure what else to suggest. Curious what the others have to say. Personally I haven’t gotten the same feeling yet, but maybe it is personal preference, or I get a bit more variety as I do tend to change journeys every time.

It would be nice to understand how the coach thinks and how he decides which muscles to train in each session