Manually add a Deload week


Is there a way to add a deload week after a training journey? Or something that let’s you rest before going into the next training journey without loosing the streak?

Previously I just went from one Training Journey to the next, which means if there is a Hell Week at the end of it, you just train for 12 days straight. That can’t be good.

I hope someone can help.


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In a nutshell: unfortunately, there is no such possibility.

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Hi Jan,

Maybe I’m wrong (I never did a hell week so far, please any FL expert/ambassador: feel free to correct me!), but what I’m planning for that deload week is something like this:

  • finish 5 hell days and keep 2 hell days for the last week (if 7 days in a row, it means Wed-Sun and then Mon-Tue);
  • on the last Monday of the Hell Week, set the number of training days on 2, Mon-Tue and finish the Week; you’ve 5 days to rest;
  • the next Monday, I would change the training schedule (2 days) to Sat-Sun;
  • and then back to my regular schedule with a new journey.

It would allow to rest from Wednesday to the next Friday - i.e. maximum 10 rest days.

Does it make sense? I hope it’ll work and be helpful, because I’m sure I’ll need such a break as well, and definitely the perfect week streak is very motivating for me :sweat_smile:


I am not sure if that will work like that. I think the hell week is actually a week and you have to do those in a row. It automatically puts it in like a 7 day training (when I remember correctly)

@Jan what @Yanne describes works. The hell week will be done in 7 consecutive days (even it is not necessary to do a hell week within seven consecutive days - this is just your challenge) but spread over two weeks.


Thank you for your answer @melaLetics , I’m really happy that rest will be possible for 10 days in a row after my first hell week! :sweat_smile: