Hell week: update required?

Hi there. I’m doing my hell week after my hybrid journey. While i was doing mostly the freeletics hardcore,i always felt the hell week was a great way to challenge myself. However, for the last year or two, I’ve always been working out with weights, mostly doing the hybrid journey. i now feel the hell week has nothing to do with the remainder of the journey and the journey does not prepare us for the hell week at all (different goals). It also reduces my motivation to train as i feel that’s not what i want from my workout. I think hell week in a journey with weights should involve getting a new 1RM or something like that, maybe mixed with some bw hiit exercises. I think you should update the hell weeks and make sure that the hell week for each journey involves the type of exercises we have been practicing during the journey. I also think we should be able to manually replace the god workout when the coach sets us one for another one if we want to (the coach could just tell us if the alternative is a good substitute or not, but still allowing us to do so even if it’s not). Thank you for reading.


Almost 4 weeks and no one replied, right?

Yup. I have created a few topics recently, only got replies to one and only once, disappointing.

Hi @nsnown , that’s a great point! I used to do a lot of the Hyrid Journey as well, and as you said the hell week didn’t quite adequate to this journey.
I personally liked it as it was a good way to have more HIIT training during a full week, and a lot of the weight gains were transferable to the BW exercises and intensity.
But yes, to your point, the week before the hell week where the weight were close to 95% with BW superset felt more motivating that the actual Hell week.

Also, Freeletics might not reply to all posts but they do read all of them to take in all the feedback :slight_smile:

Exactly this.
Please know that the forum serves first as a platform for community exchange rather than a 1:1 channel with Freeletics. As such, we may not have the capacity to respond to every post, especially when topics involve multiple departments within the company. Rest assured, your feedback has been seen and forwarded accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

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