How can increase cardio in weights free gain

Hello, I am in the middle of Weight Free Gain and I am feeling that I want higher pace trainings. I want to have higher HR during training as now I am not more than 130-140 HR. I know that this journey is focused on muscles (3/3) rather than in cardio (1/3) but is there a way to add more pace in the training( more cardio) without changing journey?

Hi @Panal welcome to the forum!

As you said the weight free gain is mainly focusing on gaining strength rather than cardio training.

My suggestion would be to dedicate 1 day or 2 to cardio training by selecting a Freeletics God Workout in the app. Either a full body or a running workout would do the trick!

You can also choose a short 5-10 min god workout after your training session as a “finisher” to get your heart rate up.

Thanks a lot @TomG for your answer. I will try to add a short god as finisher.

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Sounds good @Panal ! Let us know how you go.
Aura and Deino are personal favourites of mine, respectively as a lower body and upper body finishers!