Session doesn't adapt


I’ve been trying to get in touch with support, but seems it’s impossible, I just get sent here.

I’m trying to adapt my sessions to be Way Easier, but nothing changes compared to the Normal one.

With each training I give feedback to the coach that this was too hard for me and each training just gets harder than the previous one.
And now I can’t even adapt them anymore.

I’m not an athletic person, I’m struggling to stick to a program and get into the habit of exercising. But it’s even harder if each session is a struggle way above my level and capabilities.

The app isn’t helpful if its algorithm isn’t working right. It just makes me quit every time after 4-5 sessions (this is the 3rd time I’m starting with it).

For a beginner it’s important to have easy but regular sessions. I’m not here for performance. It’s just discouraging to always have to do things that I’m not able to do. And then get even harder ones. It just demotivates me and makes me give up on even trying.

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Hi Diana,

welcome to the forum :wave:

What Training Journey are you on?


Hi Freddy, thanks for the welcome!
I’m on the Fit&Toned now. But I also tried another one the first round. It had more cardio. I figured now the more “static” exercises would be easier :smiley:

Fit & Toned is a muscle-oriented TJ:

Everyday Strength (M) / Fit & Toned (F)
Cardio* Muscle*** - 48 Sessions

The coach gives you exercises which she thinks are appropriate for your level. That depends at the beginning on your self-evaluation, the chosen TJ and the given feedback for Coach days. It might take a few days to see an impact from the latter…

However, as a beginner you could have selected a starters TJ (check here for details) - maybe Smart Start helps you to establish a routine that keeps you going.

My recommendation would be to change your TJ and give one of the “Get Started” a try. Start with a lower number of training days per week (2-3) and increase those as you progress. Listen to your body, give honest feedback and enjoy the progress. Maybe you want to take photos to visualize the changes?

You got this! :clapclapstatic:

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Oh I didn’t notice those beginners’ options before. I changed now to Smart Start. Many thanks for this, Freddy! You’ve given me back my hope :smiley: