How to move training days in a week?

Hi, if my week workouts are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I can’t do the training these days, how do I move them to Thursday, Friday and Saturday?.

Old interface let you take my 3 days workouts any day I wanted. Now it seem is you miss a day, it is lost that week.

Thank you

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@n4v4jo go to Coach tab > Settings in top right corner > Training days this week. I hope this answers your problem.

Thank you. It did. I wish I could select the days I missed the training on a different day like doing a Wednesday a training I had Monday. Like the old interface.
Thank you again.

@n4v4jo Sure! If I’m not wrong, if you miss your Monday training, the session would automatically move to Wednesday. Changing the days in the settings would be an extra that would allow you to add more days during the week to compensate the lost ones (or to change your upcoming week’s schedule in advance).

Sofia, unfortunately it doesn’t move it automatically. At least the app should let the day open so I can take that training any other day as in the previous version. Muchas gracias por tu comentario, funciona. Saludos desde Texas.

Hmm I wish I could reproduce this, but I haven’t missed recent workouts, I have in the past.
Sorry for my persistence, I just think something could be done! :grinning: Here’s what I recall.:

  1. Missed workouts are rescheduled for your next planned training day.

  2. You can also begin a missed workout on a scheduled rest day. For example, if your routine is Mon, Tue, Wed and you skip Wednesday, you can start the Wed workout on Thursday.

  • Could you try this: go to Coach > Choose the missed day on the calendar > Access Warmup, then tap Start.
  1. I would reserve the option to edit the weekly schedule if I want to maintain the same number of training days after missing one.

Someone else asked this two weeks ago and confirmed that the workout was rescheduled automatically. Didn’t look at the username and didn’t realise it was also you in the other thread :slight_smile: Check out this thread for details:

How to take a training I skipped yesterday. Does not show

If this doesn’t do it, maybe someone else has a missed workout and can verify :smiley:

I will try your recommendation. Still I think if I miss a day, I should be able to click on that day on a rest day and take being able to take the workout. It is easy to replicate. Say you have only one day of training a week, Monday. Don’t do the training on Monday and try to do it Tuesday. When on Tuesday you tap on Monday’s workout I get a message that say :You didn’t log any personalized training session this day". Empty tab. Pretty frustrating because I travel quite often so I can’t have a fix training schedule where if I miss a day I loose it.
Thank you for your help.

I have now emulated skipping a workout and my workout moved to the next (rest) day.

Yesterday, Sunday, I took this screenshot and it shows a workout planned for Sunday and none planned for Monday (today):

Yesterday I took this screenshot of the Sunday workout:

This is a screenshot taken just now, Monday morning. I see yesterday’s workout in today’s schedule, althouth today is my rest day:

You mentioned that you are clicking on the day when you missed the workout. The app rather moves the workout to “today”. Do you see it? If not, then this is a bug and I would tag someone from the Freeletics team.


Sofia thank you for your message. I will send you this week some screenshots with issue I have. I see it works in your case, not in mine. Let me skip on day between Monday and Thursday and I show you Friday I can’t take the training.

Thank you.


I came here for a solution and currently I’m facing a bit different case that you show, in which it does not reschedule for the moment:

I train the first 5 days of the week but yesterday I missed my training. I suppose it could reschedule to Saturday but it does not. Today already had an scheduled training so it couldn’t reschedule to today as you have shown.

Missed sessions are moved to the next scheduled day. So, your missed Thursday session got moved to Friday. Now your next session is the Monday one.

Sessions are not moved to rest days. If you want to compensate by training on Saturday, you’d need to edit your schedule for the week.

Hi Sofia, see picture attached. I have 4 days training on us US calendar style week, Sunday to Saturday. I am suppose to train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This week due to work was a bit different, I trained Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday but when I click on Friday for my last training day, there is nothing, no training. If I trained 3 days out of 4, where is the 4th day?. It should have move to Friday. Also, if you see the 4 bars at the top it only shows 2 sessions recorded, not 3 completed.
Gracias por tu ayuda.

I’ve edited this message as I now understand that the screenshot is from 1-2 days before and it changes things.

When I did a test that I shared, I missed the last session of the week and it moved to the next rest day. The case you described is slightly different - you completed your last session of the week on the correct day. I am not sure if the app is expected to carry over sessions missed before the last one, perhaps it is not (?).

If you’d like to clarify this specific case, you might want to contact

However, if you wished to train on that Friday, you could either scroll forward to Monday and start the Monday session on Friday, or edit your schedule for that week.

Your week has 2 perfect days because you trained on 2 days of the scheduled ones.

Thank you for the answer. Now I understand :slight_smile:

I wish I could configure the app so my missed trainings could be available in my rest days!

Taking your example, you can simply open the app on Saturday, scroll your calendar to Monday view and start the workout. Or edit the week’s schedule.

It never worked like that - missed sessions are postponed to next scheduled coach day - not to unscheduled ones.
And why should it? You clearly set this day to not to train with Freeletics :person_shrugging:
If you want to do a missed session on an unscheduled day, just do what Sofia explained.