How to reduce abs workout?

I don’t understand why coach set abs workout 3 days in a rows for many weeks. Is there a trainning journey that does not do this?

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All Freeletics training session will, in some way or another, train your abs. Either by directly assigning an ab exercise like crunch or sit-ups or indirectly by assigning an exercise that engage the core like squat, front squat or really any other exercises to be honest.

From my understanding, the abs and core are one of these muscle groups that recover very fast and can be trained everyday without overtraining them.

If you really don’t want to train your core on a particular day, feel free to use the adapt button and select “exclude certain body areas” and select “core”:

Feel free to also play with the options here and try the “I want a different session” to see what the a coach offers you.


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Hey Tom,
just out of interest, I’ve never heard or found something on the internet about what you said here

so how do you know that?

It’s definitely not unusual to get sessions targeting the same muscle groups multiple days in a row, and the Adapt Session feature is there to help on those occasions where certain muscles are feeling overly tired. It should go without saying not to train if you are in any pain at all.

However, you shouldn’t be feeling like you are just getting ab workouts-I would want to know more if you felt this was the case.

To some degree this can be true-but it’s also very dependant on other factors-nutrition, sleep, hydration etc-there is a lot that factors in to muscle recovery :+1:t2: There’s a member of the team, who I hope will share their Bootcamp transformation on the Forum here very shortly, who was doing 300-500 crunches a day during the 12 week bootcamp. It won’t be for everyone, but certainly possible :+1:t2:


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The workouts focused on abs and other area, but it started to feel like I’m overdoing it. They were interval workouts by the way.

Hey @marcelo , I got that I formation from the AthleanX YouTube channel. He usually promotes doing abs workout for a short period of time and more frequently throughout the week, rather than one big abs training session per week. In his abs workout app, you would train abs 5 times per week for 4-6min.

How many days per week are you having these abs intervals? And what is the intervals structure? E.g. 2 intervals of 4 exercises with 2 core exercises and 2 other body parts

I’m training 4 days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The intervals have 4-5 exercices and half of them for abs.

For now I’ll use the adapt feature.

Sounds good @marcelo ! Whatever works best for you, that’s the beauty of the Freeletics flexibility! :slight_smile: