3 days abs workout in a row

Hi there!

I do the “muscle build training without weights” with the freeletic coach. But i dont know why i have 3 days abs training in a row for example??
Would it not be better if there are a lot of different muscle trainings in a row?

Thank you!

John Ass

Hi Jonas :wave:t2:

The structure of a Coach week can vary depending on the Training Journey. And it is really not unusual at certain times to have sessions that seem to focus on one area of the body, however, over the course of every Training Journey things should even out.

There are a few things though that can impact the variety of the training that the Coach can assign you, such as any exercises that are excluded as well as the restrictions that are in place in the Coach settings. For example, enabling the “I have no space” and “I need to train quietly” settings really does cut down on the variety of workouts the Coach can assign.

Also, the more equipment that you can enable in your settings the better :+1:t2: