How to reduce latissimus dorsi muscles

Hi everyone! I hope everybody is enjoying the week with freelitics. Here is my question: I don’t like the size of both of my latissimus dorsi muscles (way to big, I am not tall so i look square). Can anyone give a piece of advice how to reduce them? I did a lot of pull-ups for the last few of moth so my back muscles expanded and I don’t like it now :wink: Thanks, folks!

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Hey Egor :wave:t2:

I’ll admit that it’s not often someone asks how to lose muscle that they have fought hard to gain!

What we would recommend here is to “reduce”, but not eliminate lat exercises completely.
You can do this by either adapting some of the exercises in your next session, or even acutely excluding any pulling exercises in your Coach settings (you might want to completely disable the Pullup Bar equipment).

If you exclude the pulling exercises or the bar, we would still suggest performing targeted lat exercises at least 1 every 10-14 days-so you could do these from the single exercise section. This will still help you to keep some of the hard won strength you have gained here.


Hey @egorevna,

Just to add to Ben’s response. When training last, you could also aim to do longer sets with 15+ reps per set. This will train muscle endurance instead of hypertrophy and help elongate the muscle, we can see that in endurance athlete vs strength athletes (marathoner vs sprinter).
I’m no expert though! But that might be something you could look int

Thanks, Ben!