Oh no! Lumbago!

I have lumbago. So I had to take a rest and stop the hybrid musculation program since Sunday, because as soon as I move, an intense pain almost makes me jump… Even though I told the coach not to strain my back, some exercice are impossible…
The coach told me on Sunday (and it will be like these following days too, I work out four times a week) that I didn’t record a session.
How is it now? Does the program pick up where I left off or do I “lose” the training days? I mean, the programme will stops, as the coach counted the days I did not trained?
I just do some stretching, and use some cremes and a warm belt. That all I can do…
Thank you for your answers. Best wishes.

The coach days will be moved forward until you start one of them.
No worries nothing get lost.

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It’s like hitting the “Pause”-Button. Sessions just keep moving to the next day until you restart.

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Thank you. It will take time as I really have pain.