How to reduce number of series in a God workout

Hello, I am a french freeletics at level55.
I would like to know if there is a way to reduce the number of series in a God workout. For instance Charon is a 5 Series of 5 exercices. Is there a way to do only 1 serie of 5 exercice as it is sometime proposed by the coach? Or maybe create a specific challenge that compile all these 5 exercices but without setting number of days?
Thanks in advance for your support!!!

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Normally you have the option where you can select how often you want to do the god workout…2x,3x
For beginner it could be motivating to have the option e.g1/max count…
Instead of 5 series 2 series are enough then you would select 2/5. The Coach gives sometimes such a training :heart_eyes:

this is indeed the 2/5 option that I am looking for but I can’t find…1 is the minimum

There is no such option.
Fractional gods are only given by coach. So you can use the Quick Adapt in case of facing a full god workout and hope, the coach switch to a fractional version using low intensity or less time.