How to reduce the number of rounds in a interval?


I have been using Freeletics for a long time. I was mostly focused on no equipment training journey. I recently started kettle fundamentals journey. I think the intervals have too many rounds, like todays workout had 10 rounds of squats, 8 rounds of kettlebell rows and 7 rounds of Turkish get ups.
Adapting just changes the workout all together.

I am looking for a way to change the number of rounds or an option to finish the interval after my choice of rounds.

Does freeletics have these options?

Hi @sairamvgraju
In a nutshell: there isn’t such a possibility to reduce the rounds of interval.

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Thanks, where can i give feedback to the developers so that they can include these in next version

Actually what you’re doing right now. The developers often read the forum and the more people want and request a specific thing, the more likely it is they discuss and maybe act on it.
But I guess it also depends on how many weights of kettlebells you have. If you have only one or two and are able to perform the tasks perfectly, the only way to progress is to make longer rounds, although it acts more on muscle condition than muscle strength but it’s still progress.

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