How to set workout time to 20-30 minutes

I have no much time during the day and I would like the coach to plan 20-30 minutes sessions.

Is it possible?

Hey Giacomo,

welcome to the forum!

In your Coach tab, go to Adapt session, select “I don’t have much time”. Depending on how long the coach thinks your workout will take you get options to reduce the time by reducing the exercises. E.g.:

  • 30 minutes
  • 15 minutes

Hope that helps, cheers!

Thanks Freddy, I will do this for every session after I choose my training journey.
It would be nice if I could hive the duration suggestion to the coach when planning the sessions. In this way it would create workouts with the right duration from the beginning.



Hmm, sorry I misunderstood. No there is no generic option to reduce the workout time. You may want to post you suggestion in the Feature request section?

I thinks it’s a good idea :+1:

The Training Journey “Express Workout” is designed for Training Sessions with a durarion around 15 minutes.

Thanks Mela, I tried that journey but sometimes it’s too little time.
I’ll write on the feature request board.