Give more option for "I don't have much time"

Hi There,

Today the session proposed was over 60’, unfortunately I’d only around 30/45, and therefore I wanted to use the option they “adapt session” button: “I don’t have much time”, but very surprised & disappointed to see that only 15’ is proposed.
why not proposing several possibilities??



I guess you are on an equipped Journey like the Barbell, Kattlebell or Dumbbell one?
The “time joker” is hardly limited while being on these journeys.
I don’t do these journeys and I often have more than this 15 minutes joker.

I have been doing the Hardcore journey, which frequently gives me long training sessions and I generally have the option to shorten it to 30 minutes. If you are getting only 15 minutes as an option, it is likely a result of your journey. That is not to say that it’s the right way to handle it. Which journey are you doing?

Personally, I wish I could adjust the time of my workouts every time in 15 minute increments. I would even like to make them longer sometimes when I have a lot of time available to train.

Hi Guys

Thx lot for your prompt replies
Actually my journey is also hardcore one so it is even more strange that you can reduce to 30’ and I’m not. Maybe it was due to my specific day exercices.

I’m aligned with you, the possibility to change the exercice duration by 15’ increments will be great


I’m surprised that functionality even exist on the hardcore journey as it’s intention was giving back the old Freeletics feeling. :slight_smile:

Do you remember what the estimation time wise was? There must be an explanation why you only see the 15 minutes option, just guessing because the workout would last 30 minutes or a bit above.

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Haha, I agree. The old FL was all or nothing, no excuses! I miss those days, but I do appreciate the ability to adapt sessions now.

Maybe has to do with what the coach sees as an alternative option for that day? Was it a day with running that you were trying to adapt? Mine gives me a 10k every once in a. while and I haven’t tried to adapt those days

As a follow up, today my session is 55 minutes and I only have the 15 minute option for “I don’t have much time”. I’ll follow up if I see 30min show up as an option again… I did Explosive Strength previously and may have seen the option for 30min there instead of in the Hardcore journey