How to update your Dumbbell or Kettlebell weights

This is coming up a little bit so I just thought I would share how to either edit, add or remove the weights of your available Dumbbells/Kettlebells in the Coach settings for those of you trying out the new DB/KB journeys.

All this is managed in your Coach settings :+1:t2:


  1. Tap on the settings icon in your “Coach” tab.
  2. Tap on “Equipment”
  3. Scroll down to “Dumbells” and click on the “edit” icon
  4. Add or remove your weights, making sure to select the correct unit (kg or lbs)

Video :point_down:t2: should help explain!



Unfortunately dumbbells don’t show up on my equipment page.

@GivingItAGo Did you already start the DB Journey?

Yeah, they will only show in your equipment if you are doing the Dumbbell Training Journey :+1:t2:

Hey there… I got a question regarding the dumbbell training.
Does 20 x dumbbell biceps curls 2 x 10 kg mean 20 reps/side or 10/side. Usually it means the second (with lunges etc), but the coach always gives me way to little weight for this even though I tell him to go harder, so I was just wondering :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

Hey @Antagonyst :wave:t2: Sorry this question seems to have been missed!

One side for this exercise will count as 1 repetition. i.e Right hand side=1 rep, left hand side=2 reps, right hand side=3 reps and so on.

It’s important to note that this isn’t always the case for each exercise, but for Dumbbell bicep curls it certainly is.

If you are ever in doubt for an exercise, simply tap in to the video and swipe up for the in-video instructions cues :+1:t2:


Iam in the Hybrid Strength Journey and can add Dumbbells as Equipment but they are weightless in my Intervall and I cant edit them like in the video, because they are not listed under “Mandatory Equipment”
Their are also Plate Twists in the Interval without saying what weight to use. In Barbell Intervals on same Journey ther is always a weight listed from the Coach.

Is there any cnace to add weight the Coach controls in that Journey?

Hey @Infra :wave:t2: Welcome to the Forum :+1:t2:

At the moment this is not a possibility-you can only specify the exact weights that you might have in the Dumbbell Training Journey.

I know this then brings the question “How do I know what dumbbell weight to use?” and I think the best place to start here is with the below article on our blog :point_down:t2: