I need some explaination about HIIT & Run Weight Loss


I’m looking for my next journey and evaluating " HIIT & Run Weight Loss"

What is not clear is : are they days with only running and days with only bodyweight exercices, or does this journey contain days mixing both ?

This isn important for me because i do my bodyweight wod in a gym so it would be very difficult to mix bodyweight exercices and running (entering the gym, starting by some bodyweight exercices, them stopping, packing my stuff, going out running, then going back to the club and so on…)

Thanks in advance

In my experience (I have done this journey 3 times), the journey splits up running days and bodyweight days so you would be ok doing the bodyweight days in the gym and running days outside. On the running days there is still a warmup and cooldown that is made up of bodyweight exercises but they usually don’t include laying down on the ground or any equipment so they are easy to do at a park or in from of your home.

Hope that helps :smiley:


Of course it does help !!
Thanks a lot !

Thank you. I had the same query

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