Same journey 2 times in a row?


I am right now enjoying the HIIT & running journey because you get a really complete training combining (as its name suggests) high intensity interval training and running.

As I haven’t find yet another similar jounrey, i intend to do it again just after I finish this one (in a couple of weeks).

My questions:

1/ Is it a good idea to do the same journey two times in a row? Would do you recommend it?

2/ is there any chance, I improve myself this time again?

3/ Will the AI adapt the next journey to propose different and new trainings or will it be exactly the same journey again?

4/ What would be the best suitable journey after this one, having in mind that I need to keep running (but not running only)?

Thank you all for your help.


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Hi Laurent,

1 if the journey suits your target and you like, it is totally ok to do it again.

2 + 3) yes, since you will give correct feedback to the coach, he will give you more challenging exercises compared to your last time, so you will improve.

4 I cannot comment on this, as i am more on bodyweight journeys so far.

Hope that helps a bit.


Myself, I like to switch journeys every time, although coming back to my favorites again later on. So I would do a strength journey after the hybrid one but keep an running on rest days. So probably 3 days journey training a week and two runs ad libidum the other days. But that is just me, I like a big variety in training. Anyway, just keep on going. Anything, that motivates you is just right.

Same here, I find switching journeys between strength and cardio based helps me stay fresh. I have done the same journeys more than once (just completing shred and burn for second time) and find the journeys similar but definitely not identical. And great to see that where I am given the same God workouts as last time I’m able to beat my PBs normally which shows I’m still moving in the right direction.

I did the same story 2 times but it was bodyweight. I then did another one and now again the one from before. So 3 out of 4 where the same and I can tell you I have progress and AI makes the exercises harder.

But cant tell you for running.