Improvement ideas for freeletics app

Regarding the new create your own workout feature:

Search option must be added to the list of exercises while we add new ones in our workout
Delete option of the workout created must be added.

Regarding the existing training journeys:

Resistance band training journey will add lot of value to free athletes.

Regarding flexibility:

Many times when I am on service trips and dumbells are not available, it would be great if I could do 2 parallel journeys one at home and one when I’m travelling.


Hi Elton and thanks for sharing such constructive feedback with us :wave:t2:

Yup :point_up:t2: Some Community members have shared similar below.

Regarding these topics, we do want to enable Athletes to have more direct input on how they train, equipment usage is certainly one of them.


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Yes because kettlebell, barbell and dumbells have their respective training journeys but for resistance band there is no particular journey. I would love to go on this journey.

Also a mobility training journey would be great specially after a long break.

Also forgot to mention about finisher workouts for specific body parts.

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:ok_hand:good point +1

Yesterday I performed a front squat interval on my barbell journey. I performed it with 40kgs but I entered 4kgs for one set than I performed with 45kgs and 50kgs. When I had finished my session I realised that I forgot to change 4kgs sets on my front squat interval and Coach recorded it as 4kgs for one set.

Is there any “editing” options for “finished intervals”? Would you like to add an option for this type of accidents :smiley:

Thank you from your hard work, love from istanbul.

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