Imrove Running Training Options

It would be great to have more options for adjustment of running training sessions.

  1. One can only reduce the time of a running session to 15 minutes = a 1.5 km jog for me. But sometimes I just want to reduce my 60-minute sessions to 30 or 45 minutes.

  2. There are no alternative sessions offered in running journeys. The only alternative is switching to a bodyweight session but not to another running one.

  3. An option to eliminate exercises requiring sitting or touching the ground would be good. I am running outside and if it is cold or it has been raining, I prefer not to sit on the ground. Alas, some warmup and cooldown sessions proposed almost entirely consist of such exercises.

  4. An option to adjust the session to the weather would also be useful. When it is cold or rainy, it is not advisable to do short, fast sprints with long breaks in between. If its very warm, longer distance runs are less advisable whereas these intervals would be more adequate.

In addition, no times are shown in the summary for each run for intervals that are not workouts. However, this would be interesting information to have, even more than in bodyweight intervals - and one cannot remember the times shown just after each run (and for the last run in an interval it is not shown at all).

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