Runing session problem

I have a problem with run session bcz of space even it is not possible to do a 1.5km run …how can i change it to interval run? And if i can it will be better or worse

Hi @braveheart_ooo and welcome to the forum!

I am not to familiar with Running Journey, but if you cannot do 1.5km due to the lack of space, I would say that this journey is not ideal for you. You might want to pick up a bodyweight journey and enable runs in you Coach setting, this way the Coach will add God Workou with sprints in them (usually 2x20m)

@Freddy or @AOhReallyUh, do you guys have more experience with Running Journeys?


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Hi @braveheart_ooo - I have only done the Hybrid Running journey, but I know that most of the running journeys include runs that go beyond 1.5km. If you aren’t able to run further than that due to space limitations, then a running journey probably isn’t appropriate for your situation. You may want to do a cardio focused bodyweight journey until you are able to run further (possibly this summer when you might have more opportunities to run outside).

Alternatively, if you have some space to run, you can always to laps (which is what many track athletes do on a 400m track)