Injury accomodations

Is there no option to indicate an injury, or to request that specific movements be replaced with alternatives?

Hey @jbowerbir,

no, there isn’t. You can only exclude certain body parts using the Adapt button.
If that is not sufficient, you can skip an exercise and do something else instead.
You could also exclude certain exercises for the duration of your injury…

Have a look here and here.

Hope that helps. But, please, listen to your body!


Thanks for the suggestions. Telling the coach to exclude the problematic movement would work, except that the specific movement I’m trying to exclude (push press) does not appear in the list of movements able to be excluded. Is there a reason not all of the movements are in the list?

Are you doing the Dumbbell Gain Journey?

No, I’m using the “hybrid strength” journey. Although I’m normally a huge fan of the push press, my shoulder won’t allow it at the moment.

Hi @jbowerbir , Freeletics is designed to train injury free athletes.
If a movement is becoming a problem, maybe it’s best to speak to your health professional to see what movement you can replace the push press by, if any.


I’ve done that and I’ve been given a list of acceptable movements with which to replace the offending movement. My question is purely technical: How do I tell the Freeletics app that I’m making the switch?

Hi @jbowerbir ,

At the moment, it is not possible to tell the coach that you are replacing an exercise by another.
The most important thing is to stay consistent in what your replacing, so that you can still feel some sort of progression.