Why can’t I exclude “Push Presses”?

I don’t have enough shoulder mobility yet to perform Push Presses on my training journey.

But it doesn’t show in the list as exercices go exclude.
Why can’t I exclude it ?

Hey :wave:t2:

It’s not possible to exclude any of the exercises in any of the Weights Training Journeys-this option is only available for certain Bodyweight Journeys, and even then not all of them.

What you can try to do here is adjust the weight for this exercise to something very light, even something like a single kg for example, so that you can start to build up very gently.


Hey @Ben !

Thanks for your answer. The issue here is not the weight, but limited shoulder mobility that triggers quite an important back arching, so I prefer to replace this exercise by stretching - see Overall posture check and correction before weightlifting - #5 by Ben :slight_smile:

Ah :bulb: I understand :+1:t2: Yeah, the ability to “swap out” an exercise is something that comes up fairly regularly but unfortunately we just don’t have this yet :cry:

Is that caused by a previous injury out of interest? Or is it “just” bad range of motion in your shoulder?


That one :-). Working on it.

I find it very important, as if let’s say one has a bad range of motion while performing Push Presses, you have a completely different distrubutions of weights and efforts on your body - and mostly not on the targeted muscles - notwithstanding injury risk.

This, combined with posture tests, is a must have!