Is it possible to postpone a Hell Week


I have a Hell Week starting Friday (and during this week end)… and I have a lot of things to do this week end it is not at all convenient for me.

I’ve experienced that normal daily wod can be postponed (I i don’t to the wod one day, the coach shift it the day after.)
Does it work with a Hell Week ?

I’m supposed to start it on Friday, If i do a standard wod on Friday, and nothing on Saturday and Sunday… will the coach shift the Hell Week starting on Monday ?

Thanks in advance

Yes, the coach will postpone the hell Week until you start it.
Don’t forget to adjust your week to not have a regular coach day on Friday in order to save your Perfect Week Streak (if you still have a non Hell Week Day before, adjust before starting it otherwise your Streak will be lost).

What du you mean with doing “a standard word” on Friday? Do you mean choosing a workout by yourself instead? This can be done whenever you want and has no effect concerning the planned coach week days.

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Thank you !!