Journey for the upper body?


I would like to know if there is a journey to gain muscular weight on the upper body (arms, chest,…).

My goal while getting the app was to gain muscular weight all over my body.
So I tried the specific journey for that, but realized that it is giving me very few exercices to develop significantly my upper body (even though I do have dumbbells and a bench). I gained weight and developed my muscles, but mainly my legs, back and abs,…

Thank you for your advices!

Hi @Laurent.LLN . There is specific journey for only Upper Body as Freeletics wants you to be balanced in your muscular development and not overlook certain part of your training.
I would suggest doing the Dumbbell gain journey with a 4 days split if you have access to dumbbells and a bench. You will have 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days.
If you feel that you are not training your chest enough on the upper body days, you could add 3 sets of parallel bar dips from the explore section on these days.

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