Journeys for class 2 obese

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My BMI is around 38-39 and I have been using freeletics to train. So far I have been able to complete 14 sessions which I believe is quite an achievement for me, but I am feeling much better now physically. But I do feel that the coach should take a person’s weight to recommend exercises as well as their intensities because for me I feel that some exercises even beginner level are almost impossible to complete. Perhaps a separate journey for such high level of obese people. what do you think?

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Afaik the coach already takes your weight into account. Of course the coach will raise up the level of intensity and volume and if it’s too much for you than you have to give him the feedback.

Which journey are you doing?


Heya and big welcome to the Forum :wave:t2: And a huge :clapclapstatic: for committing to making a positive change!

This :point_up:t2: but let me expand a little bit on Moritz’s great answer :+1:t2:

If you are obese the Coach will absolutely take this in to account-just make sure you update your weight regularly in your Freeletics profile. If your BMI falls within the obese range, certain exercises and workouts will be excluded from your Training :+1:t2:


First of all, congratulations that you want to train with a corpulent body. I can understand that it is not easy as when you are slim.
But as a beginner, if you can do some exercises but not complete the asked repetitions, it doe not mean you failed. Take a little pause, and complete the session. The most important is not to finish the session in one set, it is that you make the exercise right.
It is also very important to give the feedback to your coach right and not lying. You can also say, you want to do the exercise but you can’t ow so you need more training for it.
You also have the opportunity to tell to your coach, that you cannot do this exercise and he should not ask it again. You always can come back and select it that you want to do it:
Go to Coach
Select the sign that is on the righ all above you screen (right the trophy)
It should be written Excluded exercises (under equipment). Select it.
Surch the exercise you cannot do and select it
Then return.
As I told you, you always can get there and change it when you can do the exercise.
The coach will give you another exercises you can do.
DO NOT GIVE UP. BE PATIENT. Believe to yourself.
If you can, use the app of nutrition and tells you want loose weight.
I wish you all the best!

So on the flip side of this - are my sessions being restricted? As someone who - according to the charts is morbidly obese🤬- but in reality is far from that ( think rugby/football player💪)- are the coaches going easy on me ! I do often rate the sessions as ok or too easy - will the intensity increase or will I always be restricted because the coach thinks I’m obese ?

The coach has to learn about you. It may help, if you do some of the more advance exercises from the single exercise section (explore tab).
I think everyone has to vote up the coach from time to time. I do it regularly.