Kettlebell intervals duration

One issue and one question:

Issue on Kettlebell Fundamentals journey;

  • The app tells me my next workout will involve 1m Kettlebell Sumo Deadlifts per set
  • In fact there are 115 seconds of Kettlebell Sumo Deadlifts per set (i.e. nearly 2 minutes)


  • Is it normal that the app is generating 115 second exercises? This seems to take a really long time

Thank you for considering this feedback, and for a great app.

Hey Neil :wave:t2:

It is normal yes, but it is not ideal. Essentially what is happening here is that the Coach doesn’t have a heavier weight to assign you. The Coach really doesn’t want to be assigning these exercises for such a long period, but if there is no heavier weight to assign, then the only way it can make sure the round is challenging enough is to increase the total training load by increasing the time training.

If you increase your available weights, the next time you get assigned this exercise you’ll see the time spent training will decrease.


Thanks Ben

I took your advice and told the app that I also have 28kg and 32kg kettlebells. Now it has reduced the excercise to 40 seconds with a 32kg weight - far more reasonable!

I don’t plan to go out and buy these weights just yet - I’m sure they would be too difficult. So I guess I can do the exercise with my 20kg and then tell the coach that the selected weight was too heavy, until it recalibrates to my level.

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By the way, any reason that these exercises are time-based in kettlebell journey, whereas for me, in my “hybrid strength” journey, they’re repetition based? I mean, If I get a kettlebell swing on my program, it says something like 15x, whereas for my wife, she gets 30seconds.