Live training today - Women's Health Month

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

As part of Womens Health Month some of our Ambassador team will be running live training on our Instagram live stream every week.

So if anyone wants to join Bettina later on at 18:00 CET for some training, this is what you need to do :point_down:t2:

First of all, make sure you are following Freeletics on the 'Gram :muscle:t2:

Then, when we’re live at 18:00 CET, do this to join the stream:

  1. Simply open up Instagram, navigate to look at your Stories (at the top edge of the app). Freeletics should be there with a colorful ring around our profile picture and the word “LIVE” at the bottom of it.

Freeletics IG Live icon

Tap this to join when we’re live!

  1. If you can’t find us in your IG Stories at workout time, just navigate to our profile page and tap on our profile pic there to join in the action.

Just also be aware it’s a German speaking session today-but please don’t let this scare you off!

We’ll have more training every Thursday at the same time over the next few weeks, I’ll create another post for the next training as soon as I can.

I will join myself-I have no idea what workout she’s got planned for us. Hopefully not too many burpees :wink:


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I knew it…burpees :face_vomiting: