Make the own created workout score based on the content of the workout

Currently the score of a own created workout is 30 points, which is very low. Wouls it be possible to make it either at the same value of an interval or computed based on the sum of the exercice reps contained in the workouts (the same as if every exercises would have been executed independantly) ?


I guess this topic is more complex because you can create time based workouts like EMOM Burpees.
How to score this? This says nothing about the reps completed as you can choose to do one Burpee every minute or 12 :person_shrugging:
I’m used to do 150 Burpees two times a week with a selfcreated workout, 30 points “worth”. To be honest: F**k it all. I don’t train for points or levels.

Sure, you’re right, it is more difficult to define a given number of points for time based training.
I don’t work for points neither, but it remains a good indicator of how hard the workout is supposed to be.

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Same issue here. I created a lower body stretch out with twice as many exercises and consequently twice the time but earn a third of the points. Not that the points are important here but it holds me back from creating own workouts in the future.