Missing features

Hi, I left Freeletics for some month, because I was upset with the opportunities and all the changes didn’t make it better.

Now I started again and thanks there is some good development like creating your own training. Thanks for that, this I recommended years ago.

But 30 points for such 20-30min circle is ridiculous, so please adapt the points accordingly.

And what is most disappointing is the choice of numbers of reps.

Why ist the 250 reps still missing???
1-2–3-4-5 is available but not 250?

The gap between 100 to 500 ist to high, so I recommend again to get the 250 and 750 reps, like we had it before.

We did in the past all the 250er exercises as a challenge and this is now all gone.

So I kindly ask you to get the 250 back, if possible the 750 too.