Moderate low carbs ? Slim 48yo man


I’m following the Hybrid Strengh program (2nd round) to gain muscle mass. I’m 48, 170 cm and 55kg, between 13 and 15% body fat. Now my weight is stable which is a good thing but I have difficulties increasing my muscle mass, probably due to metabolism and age. I train 4 days a week and bike daily for 15 to 25km at a slow speed (my daily transportation mode).

I noticed that since I get older, increasing my carbs intake make me gain fat essentially so, I suspect my body reacts like a normal person of my age :wink: By the way I eat around 2.5 to 3g / body weight of proteins daily.

I wonder if setting a target to 100g of carbs a day would be effective or if it would be too low ? That would be a moderate low carbs diet, and i would increase my fat intake. My daily calories intake is between 2000 to 2200kCal.

If anyone here as a feedback on it, I would appreciate it.

Thanks !

Hi @Tommy!
First of all congrats on the 2nd round of hybrid journey, I am currently on it as well and I love it!

I am no nutritionist at all so please take what I say with a pinch of salt haha
According to a macro calculator that I use, for your activity level ( i have put moderately active as you do a daily 25 km and 4 days of training), and your age/weight and height. For building muscle mass, it recommends consuming between 2424 and 2645 cals per day. Protein: between 88 and 121gr, carbs 354 to 455 and fat 28 to 83gr.

It seems quite high in carbs but 100gr seems super low.
have you tried carb cycling? You would essentially cycle through high carb days and low carbs days.
Another guess it that when your body is used to a low carb diet, it would store fat more easily if you increase your carb intake as it will make a reserve for when you go on a low carb diet again. So when you slowly increase your carbs you have to let your body adjust for some time so that he realises he doesn’t need to store that fat anymore and you won’t “starve” him again.

If that makes sense haha


Thank you @TomG ! Glad to hear you like that programm too and thank you so much for spending time checking those macros for me.

A reasonable amount of carbs might be between what i eat now and under 300g i guess cause we are more insulin resistant when older. I could notice that. 10 years ago i was weighlifting and boxing and ate about 200g of carbs a day and it was fine. But i was younger and was using more calories that today for sure.

I’ll go for carb cycling and will let you know : increasing carbs intake on training days and reducing it when resting. I started this morning, ate more bread, and it seemed to give me more energy. And I will also increase slowly my carbs intake to 150g and see what happens.

Thank you again !

Hi @Tommy, no worries at all! Glad I could help a bit. Let me know how you go!
I feel like nutrition is such a try and fail and adjust process :joy:

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