Need Help with Modified Training Program due to Injury

Dear Freeletics Community,

I hope this message finds you well. Unfortunately, I have recently suffered an injury to my right hand, specifically a torn tendon in my ring finger. It is commonly known as mallet finger. As a result, I cannot exert any pressure or strain on this hand or finger for the next three months. However, I am determined to continue my training during this period using the Freeletics app.

I am reaching out to seek guidance on how I can obtain a modified training program that accommodates this specific injury. I understand that certain exercises and movements may be off-limits, but I would greatly appreciate any recommendations or adjustments that would allow me to continue working towards my fitness goals while ensuring a safe and effective training routine.

If there are any specific exercises or routines that you could suggest to help me maintain my progress without compromising the healing process of my hand, I would be extremely grateful. I am committed to staying active and keeping up with my training, and your assistance would make a significant difference during this challenging time.

Thank you in advance for your support and guidance.

Best regards,

Hi Filip,

You can use quick adapt to exclude upper body to focus on core and legs only.
Except that there is no general training plan excluding your hand.

I’m not familiar with that specific injury, I can only imaging pulling/gripping exercises like pull-up are off limit.
What about pushups and planks?

Hi Latarion,

Pulling/gripping exercises with the right hand are indeed off limits.
Push-ups would be difficult, plank is possible I guess.

I have to wear a splint 24 hours a day for the upcoming 10 weeks.

Thanks for the tip to exclude the upper body. if you have any other tips then they are more than welcome.

I see you can only exclude maximum two body parts. But upper body is not an option.

Best regards,


Hi Filip,

you might need to play around and update the coach day by switching on/off biceps/triceps/chest.

You can also create your own workouts or select one from the six back table on the coach tab. They are sorted by muscle groups as well.