Powerlifting training journey


It would be great to have more varied weight journeys with dedicated goals (instead of dedicated equipment).

A Powerlifting journey, combining barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-ups and dip bar, would be a great way to connect all the current types of equipment available to improve on The Big 3 lifts (bench press, sealift, squat) with the intelligence of the Coach.

The daily split could be:

  • big lift training | 3 sets
  • complementary dumbbells bodybuilding training | 3 exercises that complement the big lift of the day | accessory work
  • finisher with a Challenge like the coach likes to do |, e.g. on squat days: 50 kettlebells swing.

With this sort of split, you would still have an upper body, lower body, and full-body workouts on a 3 day split with enough recovery in between.

If people want to train more days, a 4 day split could add a shoulder day with overhead press, dumbbells raises.
A 5 day split could add an arm day in the middle.

I think that would enable individuals to train with a strength goal in mind with all the aspects of Freeletics and available tools. And while training all elements of fitness: strength (big lifts), size (accessory work) and cardio (finishers/cardio days in between)

Let me know what you think and keen to discuss! :grin: