No triceps suggestion

I have been using the application for a week , but my coach always propose me exercises for the legs, shoulders and chest and does not offer me exercises for the biceps, triceps and calves.
I choose tla body muscle program…

Tla=the? Do you mean the weights free journey?

The first week of the most journeys is a Assessment week. So maybe that‘s the reason that you didn‘t get exercise for every muscle(group).

I apologize but I explained quickly. I bought the annual pass and chose a muscle building program. I set up two sessions a week. Are you telling me that the trainer will also offer me exercises for triceps and calves in the coming weeks?

Yes, i think so.

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I think you could be a bit more specific-there are lots of “muscle building” journeys! In fact, it could be argued that every single journey will help you to build muscle. From my own experience, you won’t really come across a single exercise that will focus solely on triceps or calves. The exercises are pretty much all compound exercises, so they work multiple muscles at the same time eg squats will work quads, glutes and calves, push-ups will work pecs, deltoids, triceps etc. There are a lot of exercises in the app that will work these 2 muscles, though they will be compound movements.